Copy and paste this into an empty passage for quick lookup. 

<!-- Commonly used programming examples-->
**Make Text Appear**
(click: "mouse")[this text appears after you click the word "mouse"]
(click: ?Page)[this text appears after you click anywhere on the page]

**For Booleans**
(Set: $variable to true)
(Set: $variable to false)
*to make something happen*
(if: $variable is true)[do something]
(if: $variable is false)[do something]

**For Integers**
(Set: $number to 100)
(Set: $number to $number + 10)
(Set: $number to $number - 10)
*to make something happen*
(if: $number is 0)[do something]
(if: $number >= 0)[do something]
(if: $number <= 0)[do something]
*to lock numbers*
(if: $number <= 0)[(Set: $number to 0)]
(if: $number >= 100)[(Set: $number to 100)]

**Random number**
(Set: $randomnumber to (Random:0,10))
*to make something happen*
(if: $randomnumber is 1)[do something] (else:)[do something if it's not 1]

**Live Timer**
*set the default timer to 30 seconds*
(Set: $timer to 30)
*countdown by 1 every second...*
(live: 1s)[(Set: $timer to $timer -1)]

**Simple delay**
(after: 3s)[do something]

**Immediately go to a specific passage (will not draw lines)**
(go-to: "Passagename")

**Nesting repeated code inside passage**
*this will display the contents of any passage in another passage*
(Display: "codepassage")


To add images:

<img src="" width = 100%;> 

(Files must end in .jpg, .gif, .png)

To add SOUND EFFECTS that play once on your passage:

<audio src="" autoplay></audio>

(Files must end in .mp3, .wav)

To PLAY MUSIC throughout your passages, copy and paste this code in your SECOND PASSAGE

var audio= document.createElement('audio');
audio.loop = true;;

(Files must end in .mp3, .wav)

To stop music playing throughout your passages.